Community and Charity Requests

Through hosting the Brisbane International, Tennis Australia is in a unique position to be able to give back to the Community and Charities through the donation of merchandise and event tickets.

Tennis Australia and the Brisbane International receive a large number of requests each year from many worthy charities, schools, sporting organisations, individuals and other charitable and community groups. Requests range from the donation of tickets or memorabilia, autographs and merchandise, to other items for the purposes of fundraising or gifts. Whilst we are committed to the growth of Tennis and assisting charities and community organisations throughout Queensland, unfortunately Tennis Australia and the Brisbane International cannot assist every person or group with these requests.

Preference will be given to the following causes:

  • Brisbane International Charity Partner
  • Tennis QLD affiliated Clubs or Facilities
  • Schools that are involved with Tennis
  • Community and/or Charity Groups
  • We also receive many requests from individuals who have either fallen on hard times or have family, friends or associates who have been involved in medical or life tragedies. Whilst we endeavour to assist as many of these causes as possible, the individual circumstances and relationship with Tennis will be a factor in determining the success or otherwise of any request.

All applications require the following:

  • Applications must be made in writing at least 8 weeks prior to an event/need and contain a letter of authority (if applicable). Requests made on behalf of a company/organisation should be provided on company letterhead.
  • Applications must include a completed Community and Charity Request Form
  • If a fundraising event is being held, details of the event (date, location, expected guest attendance, where funds raised will be allocated) must be outlined.

Please note:

  • No applicant shall receive more than one donation in a calendar year.
  • In most cases, donations are not made repeatedly to the same charities, organisations or individuals in an attempt to assist as many worthy causes in the community as possible.
  • Tennis Australia advises that under no circumstances should any items be sent to the Queensland Tennis Centre at any time with a request for autographs. This is a service we do not provide, and we take no responsibility for the receipt, return or safe keeping of any such item.
  • You will receive written notification as to whether your application is successful, or otherwise, within 4 weeks.