Where is the Queensland Tennis Centre?
Queensland Tennis Centre
190 King Arthur Tce
Tennyson Brisbane 4105
P: (07) 3120 7930

Is there parking available at the Brisbane International?
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Is there public transport available?
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What can/can’t I bring into the grounds?
For the safety and comfort of all patrons, any item or bag that is too large to fit under a seat cannot be brought into the Queensland Tennis Centre. A limit of one bag per person applies.

All promotional, commercial, political, religious or offensive items of whatever nature including, but not limited to, clothing, banners, signs, symbols and leaflets are prohibited and may not be used for display purposes or brought into the Queensland Tennis Centre and its surrounding precinct.

The following items are not allowed into the Queensland Tennis Centre:
Alcohol; animals except service animals (e.g. seeing eye dogs); any item that could be used as a weapon; audio recorders; bicycles, scooters, skateboards and roller-blades/skates; drink and food cans; chairs and stools; eskies and hampers; fireworks; frisbees; helium balloons; glass (including bottles); large containers in excess of 1.5 litres; flags, banners or signs larger than 1.2 m wide or with handles longer than 50 cm in length; musical instruments and/or amplification equipment; laptops; unauthorised advertising material or flyers; laser pointers, distress signals, whistles or loud hailers; dangerous goods and any other item prohibited by legislation; prams and strollers (in seating areas).

Are cameras allowed?
Images of the Brisbane International taken with a camera, mobile phone or other wireless device cannot be used for any purpose other than for private and domestic purposes, that is you cannot sell, license, publish or otherwise commercially exploit photographs. Flash photography is not permitted in seating areas. Taking video footage is forbidden.

The following are not allowed:
Camera tripods, monopods, telephoto camera lenses with a focal strength of greater than 200 mm; video cameras and handy-cams.

Will I get an exchange or a refund if it rains?
For the purpose of determining whether a patron with a reserved seat is entitled to an exchange or refund, a session will be deemed to be cancelled if;

(a)     Day Session match play has not begun by 5:00pm; or Evening Session by 9.45pm.

(b)     One match has not been completed or there is less than one hour of play in a session.

Reserved seat ticket holders are only eligible for an exchange or refund if the relevant session in centre court is cancelled in line with the criteria detailed above.

Ground pass ticket holders are only eligible for an exchange or refund if the relevant session on outside courts is cancelled in line with the criteria detailed above.